Inquiry in Classroom Practice

Project Overview

In the early 2000s, Churchill School in Thunder Bay, Ontario began to incorporate inquiry instructional model. This research investigates varies aspects of the school culture and student engagement through an in depth examination of Churchill School. Students are introduced to inquiry teaching in the 9th grade. The type and complexity of the inquiry increases through grades 10, 11, and 12. The teachers engage the students in guided inquiry as well as self-directed inquiry. Several research projects are in the process in a collaborative team of professors from Lakehead University, TCU and Churchill School. These include:

  • Case study of some of the teachers and of the whole department
  • Ethnography of three generations of mentors/mentee who have been responsible for the inquiry approach in the school
  • Examination of student matriculation patterns compared to non-inquiry schools
  • Analysis of classroom actions during inquiry

Research Team



  • Doug Jones (Churchill School, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)
  • Nike Sacevich (Churchill School, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)
  • Jane Lampo (Churchill School, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)


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