Affiliated Projects

The Andrews Institute is invested in providing K-12 students with the opportunity to work with scientists, mathematicians and educators at TCU.  Through grants provided by the Andrews Institute, TCU faculty are able to pursue their reserach project and provide outreach to K-12 students in the form of workshops, camps, and other educational programs.  To learn more about some of Andrews Institute funded research projects, please read below.

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Dendronauts: Frogs and Friends Exploring Forest Canopy

Kristi Argenbright, TCU College of Science and Engineering

A two-day education outreach event was held at Earth Day Texas in Dallas in April 2014. Over 250 student and families participated in the event. The purposes of the program were to educate students (Grades 5-12) concerning the importance of trees and the environmental services they provide, and provide opportunity for students to experience climbing into the forest canopy using skills and techniques of canopy scientists and recreational tree climbers.