About the Andrews Institute

The Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education is the site of a variety of exciting events. By navigating the website, you can learn more about our current activities and accomplishments. We support the TCU mission of educating individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community and the College of Education mission of preparing exemplary leaders for diverse educational settings and related fields who are reflective, ethical, innovative and committed to all learners.

Important to the mission of the Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education is cutting-edge research focused on the teaching and learning of mathematics and science education. A variety of projects provide a venue for the establishment of new knowledge and mentoring of students.

Also of great importance is the outreach to the community as seen in events and joint ventures with community partners. Events for teachers help deepen content knowledge and pedagogical skills while events for K-12 students increase interest in and understanding of mathematics and science. The community partnerships result in working to shared goals of increasing interest and participation in mathematics and science.


The TCU Andrews Institute of Mathematics and Science Education is a leader in the exploration, discovery, and application of innovative and effective approaches to mathematics and science education.  We work cooperatively with the College of Education and College of Science & Engineering in our quest to serve the educational needs of faculty and students. We support and conduct research in mathematics and science education; prepare TCU mathematics and science education majors to be reflective, ethical, and innovative teachers committed to all learners; and recruit and support mathematics and science educators beyond our campus.  We hope these efforts will inspire people, especially those hitherto underrepresented, to choose careers in these disciplines. By embracing diverse viewpoints, methodologies, and populations, and outreach to the educational and general community alike, we believe that teaching and learning are made more accessible, relevant and effective; and that, through the expansion of mathematics and science literacy, society will be well served.


  • Advance the understanding of Mathematics and Science education through research and scholarship
  • Recruit, prepare, and support mathematics and science educators.
  • Promote awareness, appreciation, and understanding of mathematics and science in the educational environment and the broader community.
  • Advocate for diversity, equity, access and inclusion particularly in mathematics and science.