About the Andrews Institute


The Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education is the site of a variety of exciting events. By navigating the website, you can learn more about our current activities and accomplishments. Important to the mission of the Andrews Institute is cutting-edge research focused on the teaching and learning of mathematics and science education. A variety of projects provide a venue for the establishment of new knowledge and mentoring of graduate students.

Also of great importance is the outreach to the community as seen in events and joint ventures with community partners. Events for teachers help deepen content knowledge and pedagogical skills while events for K-12 students increase interest in and understanding of mathematics and science. The community partnerships result in working to shared goals of increasing interest and participation in mathematics and science.



The mission of the Andrews Institute is to provide an environment for innovation and change in mathematics and science education through creative research and teaching by faculty and students at TCU.  In pursuit of this mission, the Andrews Institute supports a variety of activities that enhance teaching and learning of mathematics and science.


  • Enhance the educational experience of TCU students who will become effective and ethical educators in the field of mathematics and/or science education
  • Conduct research that addresses issues of teaching and learning of mathematics or science and contribute to development of evidence-based practices in mathematics and science education
  • Sponsor and participate in community outreach to enhance the experience of students and their families in school and community-based activities in mathematics and science
  • Engage in advocacy activities to support and promote the development and delivery of exceptional programs in mathematics and science education