Teachers Change During Professional Development Experiences

Project Overview

In January 2014, TCU was awarded a Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant to provide 110 hours of professional development to in-service biology teachers over one calendar year. Fifty teachers from a pool of applicants will be select to participate. Participating teachers will attend an intensive summer institute and follow up academic year events including Saturday workshops and classroom observations. This will provide the opportunity to help teachers acquire new knowledge and skill as well as proving a ‘laboratory’ for studying the effectiveness of this model of professional development, how teachers incorporate new content/pedagogy into their teaching, and how teacher change effects student achievemen

The research questions to be examined include:

  1.  What are the changes in levels of concern as measured by the by the SoC Questionnaire?
  2.  What changes occur in teachers’ understanding of ELL strategies in biology?
  3.  What changes occur in teachers’ pedagogical practice?

The research team is using qualitative and quantitative methods as they try to more fully understand the impact of professional development on biology teachers.

Research Team